How To Double Wrap Your Handlebars - Wrapping Bar Tape

Published on September 21st 2015


An extra layer of bar tape can help absorb road buzz and make things a little more comfortable. Click here to subscribe to GCN: If you're struggling for grip, heading for the cobbles or just prefer a thicker bar to hold on to, then double wrapping your bar tape is a great way to get that extra comfort. In fact, many pros prefer a double wrap for long days in the saddle. It's important to have your first layer of bar tape clean, dry and grease-free before you wrap your second layer over the top. Then it's pretty much just a case of wrapping as normal - you can check out the full method here: Alternatively, you can bolster the width on the hoods by using an old inner tube as your first layer and wrapping a single layer of bar tape over the top. Buy GCN cycling kit - USA: Rest of World: Get GCN T-Shirts and hoodies: Photos: © Bettiniphoto / & ©Tim De Waele /