How To Adjust Your Brakes On A Ride - Roadside Maintenance

Published on August 4th 2014


What can you do if your brakes are rubbing or out of adjustment on a ride? First, you'll need to stop... Subscribe to GCN on YouTube: Your brakes are the most important part of your bike for road safety, so you need to know that they're working. But, sometimes things fall out of adjustment mid ride or you'll wear through your brake pads. In this video Daniel Lloyd runs through some quick roadside fixes for rubbing or badly adjusted brakes. All you'll need for this job is your multitool that you take on every ride, right? Don't try and fix your brakes while your riding - that'll end in disaster/fewer fingers. Slow to a stop, pull over at a safe place to stop and get them fixed. We think that you should check this stuff at pretty regular intervals - catch it before it becomes a problem. Find out more here: Got any other mechanical issues that need to be solved? Let us know in the comments below. Music: Captive State - I Need Love: