How Much Can A Bicycle Change A Life? | World Bicycle Relief On GCN

Published on November 29th 2017


Please donate to World Bicycle Relief here πŸ‘‰ Today, in the first of our series of videos following the impact that World Bicycle Relief, we meet Lizzie. Like many children in rural Zambia, Lizzie has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders to help with daily chores, as well as going to school. Owning a Buffalo Bicycle donated by World Bicycle Relief for the last year has made this possible. Orphaned at a young age, 13 year old Lizzie lives with her grandmother in a mud brick hut in rural Zambia. Since she received a Buffalo Bicycle from World Bicycle Relief just over a year ago, life has been a lot better. Every morning even before school she must collect water from three kilometres away for cooking and drinking, a task which is made so much easier using her bike. The Buffalo Bicycle helps Lizzie to make the 5km journey to school every day, so that she arrives feeling refreshed rather than exhausted from the tiring journey on foot. It also helps young girls like Lizzie to stay safe on what can be a treacherous daily journey. World Bicycle Relief have conducted extensive studies that show that the Buffalo Bicycles not only improve attendance, but also improve student performance. Thank you for watching LIzzie's story. Please share to spread the word about World Bicycle Relief's incredible work, and visit to donate. If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link πŸ‘ Photos: Β© Bettiniphoto / & Β©Tim De Waele / Music: Five Miles - Rannar Sillard