Can I Survive A Pro Gravel Race?

Clock10:00, Sunday 18th February 2024

Alex is in Australia and has decided to take on a new gravel race, 'Radl Grvl'. With over 2000m of elevation, this 100km course pushed Alex to his limits. Follow him as he attempts to race AND win the pro category, taking on the monstrous gravel climbs at insane speeds!

00:00 Intro
00:49 What is the Radl Grvl race?
01:30 Gravel race preparation
02:24 Gravel race start
03:26 Big climb to start
05:05 Catching up with the second group
05:58 Middle of the gravel race
08:08 Last 20km of racing
09:03 Coming into the finish line
09:39 Gravel race finish

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