6 Ways To Greet A Fellow Cyclist | #SAYHIONYOURRIDE

Published on August 7th 2016


Don't just ride by... say "Hi!" Subscribe to GCN: http://gcn.eu/SubscribeToGCN Get exclusive GCN gear in the GCN store! http://gcn.eu/BuyGCNKit_ Sign up to the GCN newsletter: http://gcn.eu/gcnnewsletter There's nothing like the common bond between bike riders. It doesn't matter if you're fast or slow, MTB or road, lycra or jeans, we think it's great to acknowledge anyone on two wheels - it's just polite! Here are 6 greeting methods you can use whatever situation you happen to be in out on the road. How do YOU say hi on your ride? Let us know in the comments below. Watch more on GCN... How to be a gentleman/gentlelady cyclist ▶︎ http://gcn.eu/1PTng96 Top 10 cycling insults ▶︎ http://gcn.eu/2aDN53I Music: Arthur Pochon - Summertime Feeling