5 Things To Take On Every Bike Ride | Hacks For A Trouble-Free Ride

Published on February 4th 2019


Always expect the unexpected! In this video, Ollie outlines 5 hacks for a trouble-free ride. These are small things that you can easily take with you on your ride but could mean the difference between riding home or calling a taxi….

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Emergency Lube
If you are anything like Oliver Bridgewood, you love Sushi. And something we’ve taken with me in a saddle bag for a number of years now is one of those tiny little bottles that you normally get with sushi that has soy sauce in it. Well, simply fill it up with some chain lubricant and you can take it along with you in case of a torrential downpour that washes lube from your chain or a fellow rider who has an annoying squeaky chain.

Gaffer Tape/Electrical Tape
We always take a roll of Gaffer Tape / Electrical Tape with us when we go out riding. No, not a full roll but a section. We're sure that all of us go out riding with a pump, or at least a co2 inflator. So, wrap the circumference of your inflation device a fair few times so you can have some sticky stuff with you should you need it. There are loads of different uses for them including maybe an emergency tyre patch from the inside or even wrap around a shoe if you broke a ratchet!

Quick Links
As we said at the start, expect the unexpected. And a broken chain is certainly something that can take you by surprise. We’ve always got a quick link on our key rings so that we can easily rejoin a broken chain and continue riding, this is particularly helpful as many chains require a special joining pin to reconnect them and the chance of having one with you is minimal.

Storage Stem/bar plug
A sneaky place for storing that emergency bit of currency for when you need that emergency sugar rush at a petrol station, or gas station, is your stem. We’ve been left stranded before with no money in my wallet or saddle bag. Having forgotten to put it replace in the case of the latter. But you will always remember to replace this money because of the relief it provided when you spent it, providing you took an Allen key with you. What you need to do is get your money, put it inside of a waterproof bag, something like a resealable sandwich bag, and put it inside of the stem. Obviously, you will need to lift the stem from the steerer tube to access it, the alternative is to put it inside of your handlebar end. 

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