Zwift makes it easier to level up in latest update

Online training platform has also introduced new difficulties to its Climb Portal, plus rewards for ‘ride streaks’

Clock16:45, Wednesday 6th December 2023

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The highest level on Zwift has changed from 60 to 100, meaning there are more rewards up for grabs

Zwift has revamped its levelling system to make it easier for riders to level up. Through the changes, riders will need fewer XP to bridge between the different levels, which means they will be able to unlock rewards faster.

The popular online cycling brand has also revamped its Climb Portal, which was released in July, while also introducing new rewards for ‘ride streaks’.

The latest updates continue what has been a busy few months for the American brand, during which it has already unveiled a raft of new routes for its popular Watopia world. It also released its second turbo trainer, the Zwift Hub One, before recently confirming that the Zwift Academy would return in 2023, providing another chance for riders to win a contract with Alpecin-Deceuninck or Canyon-SRAM's development teams.

What’s new

Turbo training season has been in full swing for a few months now and Zwift has been trying to keep the indoor cycling experience fresh throughout that time with constant updates. The latest changes continue this by completely revamping both the levelling system and Climb Portal, while also introducing new rewards.

Earn rewards faster

Riders will now be able to level up faster thanks to the new level structure. This was previously capped out at Level 60 but has been expanded to 100, which means that there will be more rewards to unlock.

It will now also require fewer XP to jump between the levels, so riders can progress and pick up rewards faster. Not everything’s changing, though, and Zwift has confirmed that the process for earning XP will remain the same, with riders earning points for each kilometre or mile they ride. Points are also rewarded for workouts.

Consistency rewarded with XP

There is now another way to earn XP through the new ‘ride streaks’ feature. Anyone who rides two or more times in a week will be rewarded with additional XP and this will increase as the weeks go on.

“For each of the first two Zwift rides of the first week of a streak, Zwifters will earn 300 XP,” Zwift explained. “In the second week, Zwifters will earn an additional 100 XP per ride for a total of 400 XP per ride. In week three, an extra 200 XP is available (500 total) for the first two rides. Keep the streak going beyond week three, and Zwifters will continue to earn 500 XP for every ride for as long as you can keep it going!”

Climb Portal is now easier…or harder

Released in July of 2023, Climb Portal allows you to attempt real-world climbs from your living room. It immediately became one of the most popular features in the game and Zwift subsequently announced that riders would be able to scale the difficulty, with an option of 50%, 75% or a GPS-accurate 100% version.

Going easier isn’t an option for many hardy cyclists who will be pleased to hear that a 125% difficulty has been added too. Zwift has confirmed that each difficulty will have its own leaderboard.

The schedule for the Climb Portal won’t change, with a Climb of the Month offered through the France portal and a rotating selection on offer through the Watopia portal.

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