Silca’s new StripChip turns chain waxing into one-step process

Latest product in Silca’s range simplifies the chain waxing process by removing the need to separately degrease a factory chain

Clock04:02, Wednesday 21st February 2024
Silca's new StripChip simplifies the chain waxing process

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Silca's new StripChip simplifies the chain waxing process

Silca has found a way to simplify the process of waxing a chain through its new StripChip degreaser.

Hot-melt wax is widely regarded as the best form of lube for a chain, but applying the wax is an undeniably drawn-out process. This traditionally involves separately degreasing a chain before applying the wax treatment, but StripChip simplifies this.

Described by Silca as “the first ever in-wax degreaser”, it turns the factory grease found on new chains into wax. So, instead of separately degreasing it, a chain can be added directly to the hot-melt wax alongside StripChip to form a one-step waxing process.

The new product has been launched alongside Silca’s Ultimate Chain Waxing System, which plays a pivotal part in the new process through its adjustable temperature system.

A game-changing product for chain wax treatments?

News products are often released with bold claims but few products can genuinely claim to be “game changers”. That’s the word Silca CEO Josh Poertner used to describe StripChip in its release video and it’s hard to argue with that, after all, it should legitimately alter the way we wax chains.

But how exactly does StripChip work? It’s all down to a process called oleogelation which turns oils into wax-like molecules, although not technically into wax. StripChip is the key ingredient for this process. It contains degreasing additives which bind with the grease on chains. Magic - or chemistry as it is better known - then happens as it turns the grease into the wax-like molecules. Sold in blocks of six, only a single block of StripChip needs to be added per melt wax treatment.

Most obviously it will make life easier by shortening the chain waxing process, but Silca says that the product also ensures “a clean, quiet, and ultra-efficient drivetrain”, not to mention additional longevity. This impact will be felt greatest by those who previously skipped the degreasing part of the process and added a greased chain straight into the waxing pot, something that Poertner says significantly reduces the longevity of a wax treatment. In the case of two greased chains in a 500g wax solution, this longevity is reduced by a third, according to Poertner. StripChip provides a direct solution for this.

The American company also says that the product works best when used with its Super Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt Wax, a combination that will lead to “enhanced performance, reduced friction, and minimised wear with every ride”.

Completing a hot-melt wax treatment also requires a melting pot and Silca has released its version alongside StripChip in the form of the Ultimate Chain Waxing System. It comes with a melting pot plus a drip stand that can be used to hang the chain to allow any excess wax to drip back into the pot.

So far, so simple then, except the system has an ace up its sleeve in the form of an adjustable temperature system that goes all the way up to 125 degrees celsius. That happens to be the temperature at which the new StripChip product melts, but it can also be set to match the required temperature for the other products across Silca’s range.

Both the StripChip and Ultimate Chain Waxing System are available on Silca’s website for $24.00 and $99.99, respectively.

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