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Are noisy freehubs less efficient? How can you dispose of degreaser in an eco-friendly way? Why is chain waxing so important? These questions and more answered by our experts Ollie Bridgewood and Alex Paton

Clock16:49, Wednesday 22nd May 2024

In the Tech Clinic this week Ollie and Alex administer the appropriate treatment for removing gunk and wax from a cassette, dispose of used degreaser and solvents, and tackle a range of freehub issues.

Are silent freehubs more efficient/faster than loud ones?

The difference here is really so small that you’d barely notice. However, sometimes freehubs become noisy when the grease has dried up, so this can be an indication that there’s not enough lubricant, which will cause the freehub to wear out quicker.

What is the most eco-friendly way to dispose of used bike degreaser?

It’s generally best to put any of your solvent waste into a large plastic bottle and take it to your local recycling depot, where there should be facilities to dispose of it safely. This is less easy with bike degreaser, but you can contain the used degreaser if you wash your chain in a jar or similar. Also, try to be more environmentally friendly with your choice of degreaser and cleaning products in the first place. Try and avoid aerosols and products that contain PTFE wherever possible.

Is it safe to remove excess wax and gunk from my rear cassette with boiling water?

This method is often used to remove wax from a chain before a hot wax treatment and it’s fine to also pour boiling water over your rear cassette. However, be very careful not to transfer the gunk across to your rear rotors and pads, otherwise they’ll become contaminated and ruined. The best way to avoid this is by removing the wheel or even the cassette if you want to be extra careful.

Should I be able to hear my new Hope aluminium jockey wheels while I’m riding? And when should I replace my freehub body?

The answer to the first part of this question is yes, it will be louder because of the metal on metal contact, so that’s nothing to worry about. In regards to the freehub, where you have an issue with a wobbly cassette digging into the freehub, this could be down to a missing spacer on the freehub body. Remove the freehub body and add a spacer to make the fitment tighter.

How accurate are electronic mini pumps?

It’s difficult to say how accurate they are as this depends on the brand and quality of the pump you’re using. If you're looking to measure your tyre pressure more accurately, we’d recommend using an electronic tyre gauge. This will be more accurate and cheaper than a combined pump and gauge.

Unless you’re a pro why would you even bother waxing a chain?

Waxing your chain isn’t just about being more efficient, although that is a positive even if you’re not racing. The real practical benefits are that waxing your chain helps maintain your components for longer which will ultimately save you money in the long term.

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