Chris Opie

Introducing our team sprinter and strong contender for best hair of GCN

We collectively breathed a sigh of relief when Chris Opie joined the GCN presenting team: finally someone qualified to teach us how to sprint! It may have been a long time coming but – thankfully – it wasn't difficult for Chris to muscle his way onto the team; all he had to do was win an arm wrestle with Dan 'The Boss' Lloyd, which proved to be no problem at all for the young Mr Travolta. In short, ‘The Boss’ got bossed.

Taking to two wheels at the tender age of 10 years old, Chris' experience from 20 years on the bike is evidenced by both his palmares and his equally impressive car park skills – both of which he uses to repeatedly put Lloydy to shame with. Cycling has taken Chris from the Arctic Circle in Norway, to the desert in Libya and through the bush fires of the 2014 Australian summer, and beyond.

In 2016 Chris won what he refers to as his home race, ‘De Ronde van Midden Nederland’, in an area of Holland where he spent much of his youth and subsequently lived before becoming a pro cyclist; it was also here that Chris met his wife in the early 2000s, so that the win was a special one to say the least.

Amongst Chris' many other talents, he also speaks Dutch, and is the envy of many for his incredible hair.