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After Conor Dunne’s attempt to ride fuelled by the world’s largest breakfast, he and Manon Lloyd look at some of the craziest things they’ve done riding bicycles

Clock01:46, Wednesday 15th May 2024

We’re not shy of a crazy bike-related challenge here at GCN. Last week’s video featuring Conor Dunne was perhaps one of the more bizarre things we’ve attempted recently though.

In case you missed it, we challenged Conor to ride the 330km from Doncaster to Bath in the UK, fuelled only by the breakfast he ate that morning. The breakfast in question though was a 17,000-calorie, 150-item whopper of a breakfast called the Terminator Armageddon. There are no spoilers here, so if you want to see how he got on you can watch that video at your leisure, but needless to say it was an uncomfortable experience - both watching Conor slowly ploughing through the food and then actually trying to ride his bike after it.

Anyway, this got Conor and Manon thinking about some of the maddest and plain stupid things they’ve done on a bike, mainly in the name of GCN, but also while cycling in general.

You may be surprised to learn that there is no shortage of experiences for Conor to reminisce about. Take his hydration nightmare at last year’s Unbound gravel race in the US. This saw an underprepared Conor suffer as he rode through 40 degree Celsius temperatures with zero water. As if the race isn't tough enough as it is!

Then there was an Everesting attempt on a cheap bike at Tour des Stations, embarking on a 140km ride without eating, the list goes on. We could have filled the show just with Conor's misdemeanours.

Manon meanwhile recalls the time she lunged for the wrong finish line in a track race, and also when she crashed during a race but rode 160km through the pain to later discover she had fractured her pelvis. Not just once, she's carried on riding with broken bones on three different occasions.

Watch this week's show for more reveals from the rest of the GCN crew, which includes waxing a chain with leg wax and drinking 11 espressos to see the effect it would have on one ride.

We want you to share your experiences too, so let us know the daftest things you've done on a bike - it's time to confess and reveal all to our audience - in the comments below this article.

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Now time for a quick look at some of the top stories that have caught our eye in the past week.

Colnago’s gold-leaf V4Rs ‘Gioiello’ up for auction

This super bling bike is set to go under the hammer at Sotheby’s auction house. It’s a one-off paint job and if it goes as well as last year’s Colnago Gioiello Numero 1 that sold for $133,000, we can expect to see some pretty big bidding numbers.

GB cyclist breaks squat record with 250kg effort

Matt Rotherham, who rides a tandem for the GB paralympic team, managed this mammoth effort recently during his training effort for the Paris Olympics. He says he has noticed that the more he lifts in the gym, the faster he feels on the track.

Jonas Vingegaard back on the bike after Itzulia horror crash

He has been pictured riding his bike but his participation in the Tour de France still remains in the balance with Visma-Lease a Bike's team boss saying he won’t ride unless they're sure he’s fit enough to properly defend the title.

Unbound gravel route unveiled for 2024

This year’s edition, which takes place on 1 June, heads north of Emporia again after taking in some of the town's southern tracks last year. It's been touted as the toughest iteration of the event yet with the 200-mile event covering 11,000ft of climbing.

GCN Hacks and Bodges

Time for your latest hacks and we’ve had some beauties sent in this week. If you want to get involved, head over the GCN Uploader and for more details of what to submit to our shows, follow our simple guide.

How to seal leaking tubeless valves when miles from home

Submitted by @andellie360

While on a cycling trip, climbing El Boyar in Andalucia, the front tubeless valve decided it wanted to leak air. The best way to deal with it was to use a warm jelly baby and wrap it around the leaking valve, stopping the leak enough to get home.

Milk carton mudguard

Submitted by @ronankovacevic

This was used by a university student riding home in Canberra, Australia. They had cut a plastic milk carton in half and zip tied it to the frame. We presume it is a makeshift mudguard but who really knows?

Drill bit e-bike

Submitted by @crashtest

This was spotted at an e-bike show and is an intriguing bit of kit that seems to use an upside-down drill to power the motor?

Coming up on the show this week

Wednesday 14 May Top secret first look and ride of an exciting new bit of bike tech

Thursday 15 May How do I adjust my bike to fit me?

Friday 16 May Manon investigates women's saddle health issues

Saturday 17 May Giant from UK TV Show Gladiators takes on Si Richardson on a bike ride

Sunday 18 May TT bike vs recumbent bike with Hank

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