Moots is an American frame manufacturer that work specifically with titanium. The brand is well established as one of the worlds premium titanium frame manufacturers of road, gravel and mountain bike framesets.

  • Headquarters Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA
  • CEO Brent Whittington
  • Founded 1981
  • Website


Moots was founded in 1981 by Kent Eriksen, in Steamboat Springs Colorado and was one of the first brands to really adopt and promote mountain biking in the sports formative years. Since 1991 Moots have been an exclusively titanium frame manufacturer selecting this as the material of choice for all frames that they produce. Moots very quickly gained traction for their high quality and lightweight titanium frames.

All Moots frames have always been hand built in the USA, this is to ensure the quality of each frame is up to standard but also to allow the frame builder to work with the material throughout the whole process. This means that everything can be checked and monitored throughout production once again lending to the premium quality associated with the brand.

In 1987 Moots took a pioneering approach to mountain bike design releasing a 'soft tail' frameset on the YBB, this allows for a small amount of rear suspension to be used, without the need for linkages and pivots. Instead it exploits the natural flex of the frame material with a damper at the junction between the seat stays and the seat post.

A long way ahead of the curve Moots released their first 29er bike in 1999, the Mooto X YBB. This was a cyclo-cross style bike with drop bars but it also featured a short travel suspension fork, very similar to the more aggressive gravel bikes we see today. Some 10-15 years before the 29er revolution really took off Moots had long been using the wheel size.

Moots were also ahead of most when it came to capitalising on the gravel trend when they released their gravel specific ROUTT and ROUTT 45 models in 2014. These were aimed at adventure riding and bike packing a trend that was very new to the cycling world in 2014, but much like with 29er wheels Moots were onboard from the very start.


  • 1997 saw Moots take victory on a National stage when Ruthie Matthes takes the win in the USA national cross country aboard the Moots YBB.
  • The Psychlo X RSLis crowned best cyclo-cross bike at the North American handmade bicycle show and is named as CX magazines dream bike in 2012.
  • In 2022 The Vamoots CRD becomes fully integrated and the pinnacle of the Vamoots heritage of road bikes.

If you would like to see the Vamoots CRD in action, our very own Simon Richardson completed the Inferno event riding a CRD 480km across the French Alps.

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