Cyclocross pro Tom Meeusen took us through the process of bunnyhopping and how you can use it to gain an advantage in your next ‘cross race.

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Bunny hopping has plenty of advantages in cyclocross; it can save your legs, as you won’t have to run, you can attack through the hurdles while others run, and, you can also use your skill to gain an advantage through other sections like roots and ruts.

Tom Meeusen is a world cup winner and one of the most skilful riders on the pro ‘cross circuit. He took us through the process of clearing the hurdles and described how he’s able to use it to his advantage in races.

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Our friends over at GMBN have a great, step by step, guide to bunnyhopping. If you’re just starting out, watch that a few times to really get every aspect of the technique:

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