Who has the lightest bike, who has the heaviest bike, and, what is the average bike weight in the pro peloton? We set out to find out at stage 1 of the Abu Dhabi Tour.
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Bike weight is a contentious subject in road racing. With a minimum weight limit of 6.8kg per bike, teams and mechanics are often forced to weigh their bikes down rather than use the lightest components available.

We did a quick poll at the Abu Dhabi Tour to find out the range of bike weights in the pro peloton, the team with the lightest bikes, the team with the heaviest bikes and, the average weight of a pro bike…

Of course, all of these are rough figures, but we’ve seen teams using these scales before UCI bike checks, so we’d stand by both the range and the averages.

As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments, and, if you know the weight of your bike, tell us that too!

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